Bringing together the science, the story, and the show of influential communications

Communication has to be more than just sharing information

We want to transform the way companies communicate – allowing them to create and grow a connection with the people that matter to their business.

We coach people in the art and science of influence helping them deliver authentic, powerful and effective communications to get audiences to feel, think and behave differently

Communications isn’t just about broadcasting a message and hoping your audience understands.
Our approach uses a blend of skills to develop the four key competencies of influence.  We deliver this with the right mix of workshops, formal presentations, discussion, and practical exercises.


Empathic listening

Listening is an important part in great communication skills, but one that’s often overlooked. Too often, we’re so focused on what we want to say and staying on message, we forget the fundamentals of conversation.

We will teach you how to build trust through suspending your own agenda and understanding the needs of the other person. You will learn how effective questioning can be used to gain important insights helping you find common ground and shape future strategy.


Insights into language

Your tone and the words you use when communicating have a profound effect on how your audience reacts to your message.

Our coaching will explore basic human thought processes and you will learn how to put this understanding into practice to increase the impact of your messages.

The language you use will help you effectively share ideas and direct people’s attitudes, opinions and emotional responses.


The power of storytelling

Storytelling is part of our DNA and yet it’s something businesses very rarely use effectively.

We help businesses give their corporate messaging life – changing them from dry statements to influential calls to action.

We teach teams how to structure their stories for maximum impact and how to relate that to corporate narratives.

We will help them create memorable messages that are easily understood and accepted.


The final performance

Even with the strongest messages behind you, if your delivery is weak, your communications will not resonate.

Your story needs to be delivered with authenticity, honesty and passion. Whether in front of a large audience, on camera, or in an important meeting, making the right impression is vital to success.

Our training programmes focus on the physical elements of telling your story. We teach communicators how to use their body, voice, and gestures to the greatest effect.


Communications is the key to business success and should be at the heart of all corporate planning. You need to give your teams the skills in effective, engaging and persuasive communication in order for them to drive your business forward.

Your business is unique and so is our approach. All communication needs to link back to a clear business outcome and so that’s where our focus lies. Our consulting services cover a wide range of disciplines and we work in partnership with our clients to find the right communications strategy to solve any challenge.

We’re a small consultancy. We don’t have large overheads or fancy offices to maintain so we can pass those savings onto our clients. We’re flexible, cost effective, and when you work with us, you’ll always be working with the same group of experts.


Our story

Founded in 1994, we are an award-winning group of communications specialists offering a range of tailor-made coaching programmes. We bring together a diverse team of consultants from the UK, Switzerland, and Brussels, with many years of experience in journalism, issues management, and public relations.

We’ve been in your shoes and know the challenges you’re facing. With over 25 years’ experience working with and in multinational organisations around the world, we know our recommendations work. Our insight, expertise, and passion for approaching things differently means we have successfully advised a wide range of industries – from pharma to fast food – on the best way to tell their story.




The world has changed. Companies aren’t connecting with their key audiences as effectively. Trust in corporations has eroded and audiences are no longer want to a passive partner – they’re empowered.

Companies need to move away from just broadcasting information. They need to stop using meaningless jargon. They need to speak in a language that resonates – to listen and respond to their audiences. They need to show empathy, authenticity, and emotion in order to really influence and change behaviour.

To communicate differently, you need to approach things differently. That’s why we’ll never offer you a generic PR solution. One size doesn’t fit all. We listen first and advise second.

What we do

We’re not just another communications agency – we want to be your trusted advisors and partners. There is no shortcut to good communications. Change doesn’t happen overnight. A long-term solution requires long-term relationships.

Before you sign off your communications, you need to make sure it works. If you’re looking for yes-men, we probably aren’t the right choice. As we work together, we’ll give you an outside perspective to define the best approach to deliver authentic, effective communications to shift perceptions and influence behaviour.

We will challenge your methods and channels so you can start telling stories that people will understand. We’ll help you focus on authenticity, clarity, and empathy so your story has relevance, meaning, and interest for your audience. We will work with you to develop articulate influencers that think and act differently.

  • Advocacy & public affairs

    We know you want to connect with policy makers. In order to be effective, you need a comprehensive strategic framework of engagement. We will provide practical tools to deliver compelling messages and tactics. Our team has helped deliver impactful advocacy campaigns for high profile multinationals, public institutions and NGOs, both in-house and as trusted advisers.

  • Reputation management

    Reputation management isn’t just about how you handle a crisis, but how you anticipate them. We have an outstanding track record in preparing our clients for a range of reputational challenges across a variety of sectors.

  • Media training

    The media has changed – it’s about time media training did too. Our training provides insights into the way people think, make decisions, and understand messages to help you and your team understand what’s involved with the modern news cycle.

  • Corporate messaging

    Corporate messages are more than just soundbites – they should be compelling stories. We build on the science of communication to make sure your stories have meaning, purpose, and influence.

  • Communications & presentation skills

    Most of communication isn’t based on what you say – it’s about how you say it. We’ll help you and your teams understand the science behind an effective presentation and teach you how to deliver your material in a positive and engaging way.

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Who are we?


David prides himself in helping people and organisations translate complex corporate messages into everyday language.

He follows the philosophy of ‘more is less’ and is a great believer in Einstein’s view that “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”.

With over 25 years’ experience in public relations, he has mentored over 1,000 people from a range of international companies, working with them to improve their performance skills.


Imogen’s mission is simple – she wants to change the way companies tell their story.

She believes even the driest corporate messages can be transformed into powerful, human-based stories, free from corporate jargon. Her experience is wide and varied ranging from developing campaigns around dog poo, to preparing C-suite executives for hostile media interviews.

Across her career she has worked for a range of companies - from public sector to Fortune 50 multinationals to medtech start-ups. She loves social media, wonderful writing, rugby, and the Archers.

Andrew Hillary

Andrew has always been more interested in how people receive, understand, and act on the corporate information sent out by both large and small organisations.

He wants companies to put the audience first, making sure subtleties of how they think and make decisions guide the tone and structure of the communication.

He believes that real behavioural insights can actively help those facing the challenges of managing modern corporate communications and change the way their audiences process and adopt ideas, messages, attitudes and data.


Over the past 20 years, Christophe has worked for many multinational companies, NGOs and public institutions as their spokesperson and public affairs lead.

Aside from his consulting role, Christophe regularly trains corporate executives on successful influencing strategies and skills. He loves rolling-up his sleeves with clients and working to achieve tangible results together.

He particularly dislikes corporate jargon and the dominance of process versus outcomes in the corporate world.

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